Military Truck 4x4

  MAZ-543433 MAZ-5434X3 MAZ543403
Payload Jamed 9350 kg 7850 kg  
Mass of the equipped Truck 8000 kg 8000 kg 8550 kg
Gross mass of the Truck 17500 kg 16000 kg  
Load on eroad by the truck by gross mass      
Through Tress of front whels 6000 kg 7000 kg  
Through Tress of near whels 11500 kg 9000 kg  
Max. Rise over come by the truck by gross mass % not less 18% 18%  
Engine Model Deutz BF6M101FC YMZ-65651 V6 CUMMINS 61S Be
Power: 180(245)HP, Max Torque:900 Nm, EURO 3, DIESEL 6culinder,in line, Deplacement Volume:7,15lt, Ats Frequency of rotation, min -1 1400, Cooling System: Liquid. Closed Type- Capacity 27lt, Lubrication System Capacity.19 lt Power:198(270)HP, Max Torque:1128 Nm, EURO 4, DIESEL, TURBO 6culinder, in line Power:285 HP EURO 4, DIESEL
Fuel System Electronic Control    
Fuel Tank 350 lt 350 lt 350 lt
Friction, Dry Single Disk The Hydrolic Dry with Pnomatic Boester MF 395
Gear box ZF 9S109 YMZ 2381-06 ZF-9S1310TO
Mechanical with dual pay transmission quantity of transfer is nine with synchroisers on all transmissins.Except of    
PTO reverse ZF NH/1 b PTO  
Tures 12.00R20 14.00R20  

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