30M Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher

The GP-30M model, which can be mounted on various automatic and assault rifles, is designed to be used with NATO-standard small arms. It has a very short barrel in front of a basic trigger mechanism with minimal hand grip. The GP 30 M has modernized one piece one-piece barrel.

The launcher uses the 40mm fragmentation grenades VOG-25 and VOG-25P, and a less-lethal 'Gvozd' (Nail) canister round with tear gas. Both types of grenades utilize same integral "caseless" design, with the propellant and primer contained in the base of the grenade, so, when grenade is fired, there's nothing left in the barrel to remove/extract prior to loading of next grenade.

The barrel of single-shot launcher is rifled. Grenades are loaded from the muzzle and held in the barrel by a spring catch. Unfired grenades are extracted using a built-in push-out extractor, located at the left side if the weapon. The firing mechanism is of double-action type, with manual safety and several automated safeties, which blocks the firing if launcher is not properly installed on host rifle or grenade not completely loaded. On the GP-30 M, the indirect fire capability has been discarded, and sights were moved to the right side of weapon, making the aiming more comfortable. The grenade launcher is issued with rubber recoil pad for host rifle, and a special return spring guide with receiver cover catch for use on early production Kalashnikov rifles.

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